However, before filing a motion to modify custody or parenting time, it is critical for parents to understand that a family court judge may not be ready to get involved with certain issues between warring parents. This post will identify a few of them.

Differences in religious practices – If one parent insists that the children should be exposed to a particular religion and the other parent is diametrically opposed to it, courts are very reluctant to issue rulings that may favor one parent’s religious beliefs over the other.

Care by significant others – Additionally, courts generally will not intervene if a parent’s girlfriend or boyfriend cares for the children when the parent is at work (or is running errands). Indeed, new love interests who are introduced to children may be cause for concern, but every situation is different.

Entertainment choices – If you only let the kids watch TV sparingly, and the other parent lets them television whenever they want, it is unlikely that a court will intervene to make decisions over entertainment choice disputes.  There’s an expectation that parents will respect their respective entertainment choices for the kids.

If you have questions about custody and parenting time modifications, an experienced family law attorney can help.


To be properly prepared for your divorce, you have to move past the myths. This post will identify and debunk a few myths that may keep you up at night.

Myth #1 – Divorces are time consuming and costly- Of course, if you fight over everything, chances are that the divorce will become very costly and time consuming. To move past this myth, you should consider mediation or collaborative divorce methods.

Myth #2 – Divorce can leave lasting emotional scars – Divorcees can develop hard feelings during the process, but after it is over, life can start over. Essentially divorcees can reinvent themselves and have prosperous relationships; both personally and professionally.  

Myth #3 – Children of divorce will never recover – It is understandable that kids may react negatively upon learning that their parents will no longer be together, but for some children, the divorce may be a relief. Gone will be the constant bickering and fighting, which ultimately affect a child’s well being. Also, children of divorce may have long fulfilling relationships because of what they want to avoid in divorce.

If you have questions about these and other myths that may worry you in a divorce, an experienced family law attorney can advise you. 


With that, this post will highlight a number of things that divorcees should not expect to happen during their divorces. 

Having others help you make the “right” decision – Indeed, it is normal to confide in friends and family. After all, you need someone to be a sounding board for your decisions, but your friends and family may have their own biases and agendas, no matter how neutral they may appear to be. Also, they have not walked in your shoes and do not have to deal with the consequences of your decisions.

Your friends before a divorce will be your friends after a divorce – It is natural, yet unfortunate, that some people believe that the problems in your marriage will trickle into their marriage and ultimately cause them to divorce as well. Because of this, some people may not want to spend as much time with you, or even write you off completely. 

Feeling completely secure in your decision to divorce – Having feelings of anxiety and doubt are normal. So questioning whether you have taken the right steps or second-guessing a decision are common feelings of insecurity. While we are not psychologists, it may take a while for these feelings to subside.

Nevertheless, an experienced family law attorney can help you understand the legal (and practical) implications of the decisions you make during a divorce.