As every parent knows, raising children requires endless stores of patience, energy and financial resources. When a marriage ends in divorce, then the workload for each parent may seem to increase as they try to determine the best child custody plan for their family. Kentucky parents who have been through this are aware that there are many factors to take into consideration when a divorce disrupts family life.

If a couple is raising a special needs child, then the approach to determining a suitable parenting agreement may be more complicated due to the needs of their particular child. One of the first steps for parents and their attorneys to undertake is to fully grasp the needs and conditions of the child. This can be accomplished by researching the disability involved, discussing the issue with current health care providers and consulting with the child’s educators.

Once the nature of the child’s needs are fully understood, it is essential to take into consideration all of the factors that will directly impact the child. A child with special needs often requires significant time and resources that may be harder for a single parent to provide. It may also be beneficial to assess how the child is currently adjusting to his or her life and how changes in the environment could directly impact the child’s ability to cope.

Lastly the ability of parents to communicate effectively may be even more important when a child with special needs is the center of a child custody decision. Every parent wants the best for his or her child, regardless of whether a child suffers from any physical, mental or emotional disability. Kentucky parents who are struggling to determine the living arrangement that will provide the best opportunities for their child can seek the guidance of a compassionate family lawyer who can help determine the best solutions for their child’s particular situation.

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Star athletes like Miguel Cabrera are often admired by people who use them as role models for achieving future goals. However, these athletes are just as human as the rest of society and face their own struggles in life, including legal matters such as paternity suits and child support. Kentucky families often face similar circumstances whenever there is a breakdown in a relationship between parents.

Recently, it was reported that Cabrera, the well-known first base player for the Detroit Tigers, was summoned to appear at a paternity hearing shortly before he is scheduled to begin spring training. According to the report, the case was scheduled in response to a petition filed by a 35-year-old woman who claims that the baseball player is the father of her two children. She has alleged that he has sharply reduced the amount of support that he was purportedly paying for the children. Birth certificates that are on file for them list Cabrera as the biological father.

Cabrera has requested that the presiding judge bar media from attending the proceedings in order to protect the privacy of the children and parties involved. Due to the fact that the hearing is scheduled around the same time as training camps will be opening in Florida, it is believed that several reporters will attempt to cover the case. Attorneys for Cabrera claim that the woman is attempting to obtain compensation to which she is not entitled in spite on the fact that the athlete allegedly purchased a home for her and the children.

Many men across the country may not need to worry about the media, but they may be able to sympathize with Cabrera in other ways. They may also find themselves involved in paternity and child support actions filed by the mothers of their children. Kentucky residents who face similar issues may wish to consult a family law professional who can help facilitate the best outcomes for the child and parties involved.

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In 2015, same-sex couples won an amazing victory when the law of the land changed to allow them to legally marry and enjoy all of the benefits that it brings. You and your partner may have taken the plunge and made your union official.

After you got married, you decided that a child would round out your new family. Perhaps one of you already has a child, either biologically or through adoption. Now, you want to make sure that each of you is a legal parent. You may decide to pursue a second parent adoption to make that happen.

What is second parent adoption?

A second parent adoption allows the parent who currently has no legal rights to the child to become a legal parent. The good part about such an adoption is that it leaves the parental rights of the “first parent” intact. A successful process results in the child you both love and raise having two legal parents.

Taking things one step further

Even after both of you are declared legal parents, it may be beneficial to take things one step further. Creating a co-parenting agreement protects each of your rights in the event you decide to divorce. Same-sex couple divorce and custody issues remain problematic for many couples whether here in Kentucky or elsewhere. Protecting yourself and your child needs to remain a priority.

Your co-parenting agreement can outline how you will share parenting responsibilities whether they be financial, medical or otherwise. You can also outline how the two of you would share custody if you divorce. This agreement provides further evidence to the court that you are a family.

What to include in your co-parenting agreement

At a minimum, your agreement can outline the following factors:

  • Who makes major decisions that affect the child’s future
  • Who the child will live with after the divorce
  • What will happen if one parent moves away
  • How to provide for medical care and education expenses
  • Whether you raise your child in a particular religion
  • How you will resolve any disagreements
  • What happens if one of you violates the terms of the agreement

Of course, you can add in any other provisions that fit your family’s needs. As long as they don’t violate public policy or current law, and protect the best interests of your child, the agreement should pass the scrutiny of the court if necessary.

Making it all happen

If you wish to pursue a second parent adoption and create a co-parenting agreement, you may need legal help. With what is at stake for your family, attempting to go it alone could put your child’s future in jeopardy. Finding the appropriate legal advocate could help things go more smoothly and provide you with a secure parental future.


Those who are successful in life did not get there by happenstance. Hard work, dedication and perseverance through the hard times brought your dreams of financial security to fruition; unfortunately, those dreams can be shattered if a marriage becomes untenable. Kentucky residents do have options for protecting their wealth in the event they find themselves facing a high asset divorce. 

Like the majority of Americans, you likely worked hard to arrive where you are in life. That includes trying to find a compatible partner with whom to share your life and accomplishments. Too often, though, relationships prove to be even riskier than investing in the stock market, as people’s emotions and intentions are frequently changeable. If one has amassed significant wealth or assets, there is a risk it could all be taken away when a final divorce decree is issued.

When a couple realizes that a relationship is no longer workable, there can be a certain level of animosity that takes over on the part of a spouse who feels cheated or wronged. Often, these spouses will then seek to make the other pay for hurt feelings and missed opportunities through the division of assets. If a court is left to decide the matter on its own, the end result could leave a once financially stable individual looking for additional employment in order to make ends meet. There are ways to prevent this from happening.

Seeking the right individual to represent your side is crucial when a divorce could wipe out all that one has accumulated over the years. Kentucky residents who are facing the possibility of landing on shaky financial ground, due to a high asset divorce, may be uncertain as to how to best protect their hard-earned wealth. If a dissolution means losing half or more of all that you worked hard to obtain, then the guidance and input of a highly skilled family law attorney may make the difference between a life of struggle or being able to realize your dreams of financial security.


Those who serve their country make many sacrifices, including losing time with their children in the event he or she is deployed to distant locations. Unfortunately, these deployments may sometimes result in a non-custodial parent seeking modifications to current child custody orders. There may be several Kentucky families who have faced these difficult situations.

Recently, a couple turned to a social media platform in an effort to draw attention to their case and possibly aid other service members who are dealing with losing custody of a child due to a relocation or deployment. The father in this case was recently sent with his unit to serve in a mid-eastern country. Shortly after his deployment, the biological mother of his 11-year-old child petitioned the court for temporary custody.

The local court granted the petition, and the boy has been moved to the home of the mother who has not had legal custody of him for nine years. The father had since married, and the child was residing with his father and stepmother since he was 2 years old. The child has purportedly asked that his father continue to fight for him to be returned to his custody.

The couple have filed appeals in the Oklahoma Supreme Court in their fight to have custody restored to the father. The couple explained that they turned to Facebook postings in order to help draw attention to the plight of other active duty service members who face the risk of losing child custody rights. Residents in Kentucky who are struggling to resolve these issues may seek the skilled assistance of an experienced family law professional in an effort to ensure that the best interests of the children involved are at the center of any parenting agreements.

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