Should Children Have a Say in Child Custody Plans as They Age?

When children are younger, parents and the courts are likely in the best position to determine which living arrangements will best meet a child’s needs. Younger children will most likely feel secure if they are permitted to equal time with both parents. However, as children reach the adolescent years, they begin to develop their own identity and want more of a say in decisions that impact their lives.

In addition to wanting more independence, teenagers often become more active in both their extracurricular activities and social lives. Older children also bear more scholastic responsibility, all of which may make shuttling between homes more awkward and irritating for them. In spite of how parents may personally feel about their current custody arrangements, teenagers may need to be given more freedom to express their living preferences. Teens who are not permitted some say in their personal life may rebel and engage in various disruptive behaviors.

Those who allow children to choose which parent they prefer to spend more time with may reap the rewards of a closer relationship down the road. While it may not be safe in some situations to allow children to have a choice in child custody orders, in those families where it may be feasible, children may find a compromise that suits both parents. Kentucky residents who feel that their custody orders may need to be modified, or have other issues relating to family law, may seek the assistance of an experienced attorney.

New Technology Aims to Help With Child Custody and Co-Parenting

The new app, called the co-Parenter, purportedly offers a wide range of benefits that support parents in their efforts to co-parent more effectively. The app incorporates artificial intelligence, (AI), which is reportedly capable of drawing cues from the context of a message and can revamp communication between the parties in such a way as to defuse volatile situations that would normally end in the parents facing off in a courtroom. The app includes a variety of tools that can enable parents to keep all relevant information concerning their children in one location. It also includes a function that provides a location verification to facilitate custody exchanges.

The application incorporates calendars, expense reports, scheduling assistants and even has the ability to store legal documents. In addition, it gives parents access to legal assistance for those matters that require the input of professionals in order to reach the desired resolution. This mediation option can help parents resolve their difficulty in a manner that may help ease the stress and emotional strain that frequently accompanies courtroom appearances.

In the event that a parent chooses not to participate in the co-Parenter app, the other parent can still access most of the features in a “solo” parent mode. The developers of this technology stressed that they were seeking a way to help parents manage and ease the stress that comes with handling co-parenting in a manner that could most benefit children. Kentucky parents who are facing their own problems in resolving matters relating to child custody or similar issues may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Layzie Bone Named in Paternity Suit By Woman For the Second Time

Those in the entertainment field often come under an intense level of scrutiny that the average person is not accustomed to receiving. As such, personal issues, such as questions regarding a child’s paternity, are often fodder for the rumor mill and celebrity gossip columns. For the majority of Kentucky residents, family matters such as these are handled in a more personal manner.

According to recent reports, the rap artist known as “Layzie Bone” has been named in a paternity suit that was filed on behalf of a child. The suit was brought by the state health department and the child’s mother. It alleges that the child was conceived by the couple in Sept. 2017 and the resulting child was born in May 2018. The little girl has been given both alleged parents last names.

This is the second time the singer has been named in a paternity suit by the same woman. In 2013, the woman filed a claim stating that he was the father of her child. That case was successful and resulted in the rapper being held responsible for helping to support that child. The man, whose real name is Steven Howse, is reportedly the father of three other children.

Neither Howse or his representatives have responded to requests for comments regarding the most recent paternity suit. There were no other details regarding either the previous or current lawsuits. Kentucky residents who are seeking to establish a child’s paternity in order to ensure that a child benefits from the financial support of both parents may seek assistance regarding these matters from an experienced family law attorney.

Is There Any One Thing That Will Lead to a Divorce?

Overall, marriage and relationship professionals say that there are several reasons as to why a marriage may not thrive. For many couples, it is more of a culmination of stresses or irritations that may have contributed to their realization that a divorce is the best option for them. Some spouses may have a preconceived idea of what may cause them to seek a divorce, but find that the actual last straw was something they did not anticipate.

For some couples, the moment that opens their eyes may not be a dramatic event such as an extramarital affair. Rather, it can be buildup of emotional reactions to something lacking in the marriage or to consistently poor or neglectful treatment. For many, the so-called last straw is arguably more about self-realization that either they are no longer being fulfilled by the marriage or they are no longer invested in working on the relationship.

One spouse may have come to the realization that he or she is ready to leave the relationship before the other is aware that a divorce may be imminent. This allows one spouse the opportunity to start grieving the end of the relationship, which typically leads to more emotional distance. Regardless of whether there was one clarifying moment that led to the decision to file for a divorce, Kentucky residents will likely be concerned about how they will fare financially after a dissolution. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in structuring a settlement that will meet one’s needs.