Books Can Help Children Process How a Divorce Will Affect Them

There are many quality books on the subject that are geared toward the younger reader. While some are simple picture books, all of them are written in a manner that can help a child understand that a divorce is a common experience that can be survived without undue pain. Recently, a list of 20 books intended for young readers was compiled, and the books listed present the topic of divorce in ways that are both humorous and compassionate. These books are not meant for young adult and teen readers as there are other lists that are more appropriate for an older audience.

Several of the selected books are written in a manner that introduces the reader to the idea that families can take many forms, including through remarriage and step-families. Some of the books do focus on the sadness that accompanies a divorce, while others take a more humorous track by highlighting the effort children go through by traveling back and forth between the homes of their parents. Some of the selections directed toward older readers also address the complicated and darker themes that may be involved in domestic violence and how the characters cope with these disturbing emotions.

Overall, books can be a non-threatening way to help children adjust to the changes that come with divorce. Parents have may resources that can help them ease their children’s worries and apprehensions. Kentucky residents who are going through a divorce and are struggling to resolve the myriad issues that are involved may benefit from the guidance offered by an experienced family law attorney.