Woman Sues Over Alleged Default For Paternity Payments

Layzie Bone Named in Paternity Suit By Woman For the Second Time

Those in the entertainment field often come under an intense level of scrutiny that the average person is not accustomed to receiving. As such, personal issues, such as questions regarding a child’s paternity, are often fodder for the rumor mill and celebrity gossip columns. For the majority of Kentucky residents, family matters such as these are handled in a more personal manner.

According to recent reports, the rap artist known as “Layzie Bone” has been named in a paternity suit that was filed on behalf of a child. The suit was brought by the state health department and the child’s mother. It alleges that the child was conceived by the couple in Sept. 2017 and the resulting child was born in May 2018. The little girl has been given both alleged parents last names.

This is the second time the singer has been named in a paternity suit by the same woman. In 2013, the woman filed a claim stating that he was the father of her child. That case was successful and resulted in the rapper being held responsible for helping to support that child. The man, whose real name is Steven Howse, is reportedly the father of three other children.

Neither Howse or his representatives have responded to requests for comments regarding the most recent paternity suit. There were no other details regarding either the previous or current lawsuits. Kentucky residents who are seeking to establish a child’s paternity in order to ensure that a child benefits from the financial support of both parents may seek assistance regarding these matters from an experienced family law attorney.

Woman Files Paternity Suit Against Law Enforcement Officer

Recently, a sheriff found himself facing the prospect of being a father after a relationship with a woman. The woman filed a paternity suit against the man, seeking sole custody as well as child support in order to provide for the baby’s needs. The man recently responded to the lawsuit by requesting that a paternity test be conducted to establish that he is the biological father. He has further requested that he be granted shared custody if he is the father.

The mother stated that the man’s official response is a change from his earlier position regarding impending fatherhood. She alleges that the man expressed his opinion that the pregnancy be terminated, as he purportedly felt that termination was the only option. She allegedly possesses text messages that indicate that the relationship between the two became strained once she announced the pregnancy.

Neither the sheriff’s department nor legal representatives for either party responded to requests for comments regarding this paternity suit. There have been no further details as to upcoming court dates. Though this case has garnered the interest of the public, most paternity questions are handled more discreetly. Kentucky residents who are concerned about providing for their child may seek assistance from a knowledgeable attorney in order to secure all of the benefits to which their child may be entitled.

Paternity Test Reportedly Confirms Owen Wilson is a Father Again

The actor agreed to the test after the mother, Varunie Vonsvirates, approached him with news of her pregnancy. Ms. Vonsvirate announced the name of her child back in the summer and later published hints on social media that Wilson is the father. The two were apparently in a short relationship. 

A spokesperson for Wilson stated that if he is the father, he will meet all of the obligations to the child that comes with being a parent. It further stated that he is a caring father for his two young sons and maintains a good relationship with each of the boys’ mothers. A recent announcement that the baby was born included news that the actor welcomed his new and only daughter. 

The actor has not personally made any public statements concerning the child and has not as yet publicly acknowledged that he is indeed the biological father. Kentucky residents have access to the same paternity testing tools. Whether one is trying to prove paternity or rule it out, a family law attorney can help address these important issues as well as related ones concerning custody and visitation, as applicable.

Eddie Murphy’s Paternity Test Leads to Impressive Support Payment

Those who work in the entertainment industry face many temptations in life, including becoming involved in casual relationships. However, sometimes, those casual flings lead to a long-term commitment when a paternity test confirms one to be the father of a child. Kentucky residents who are seeking to either prove or dispel doubts concerning a child’s parentage can seek assistance from family law professionals.

It was recently reported that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is expecting his 10th child. This will be his second child with his current partner. He has several children with his former wife to whom he was ordered to pay an astounding $15 million to settle their divorce. It was not reported what amount he may have been ordered to pay for child support.

During his divorce, the actor learned that he would be required to pay an estimated $51,000 per month for support for a daughter he had with a former singer. He initially denied being the child’s father; however, a paternity test confirmed that the child was his. He will continue making these payments until she reaches the age of 18, and over the course of those years, those payments are estimated to come to a total of $10 million.

The actor has enjoyed a long and successful career and is estimated to have a net worth around $85 million. While these payment amounts may sound extraordinary to the average person, most child support payments are based on a parent’s financial standing and ability to pay. Kentucky residents who need to establish paternity for a child in order to obtain these types of support payments may seek assistance from an experienced attorney.

Paternity Test Shows Former Boxer Mayweather Sr. is Likely Father

In today’s society, the concept of the traditional nuclear family has slowly been replaced by families that come into being through various means. This makes the use of paternity tests to ensure that children are provided for even more important. Kentucky residents who need assistance in proving the paternity of a child can obtain assistance from knowledgeable professionals.

Several decades ago, one of the most recognized names in the world of boxing was Floyd Mayweather, Sr. He later had a son who also became a champion fighter and recently retired at the age of 41. Fans of the sport may be surprised at the news that the 67-year-old trainer and fighter was recently sued for child support for a 1-year-old girl.

According to the child’s mother, the baby was conceived in October of 2016. She claimed that though Mayweather was in contact with the woman throughout her pregnancy, he has not helped contribute to the financial care of the girl. The birth certificate does not list the fighter as being the biological parent, nor was he in attendance during the baby’s birth.

According to reports, Mayweather did respond to the suit by consenting to a paternity test a few months ago. It purportedly indicated that he is the most likely father of the girl. There were no further details released concerning whether the two parties have come to an agreement over child support or if the former champion is seeking any visitation. Kentucky residents who need to establish a child’s paternity for legal or personal reasons may benefit from consulting with a family law attorney who can help guide them through the process.