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Figuring Out Child Custody Is Most Important Matter In Divorce

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family on Friday, December 22, 2017.

There are many matters that may need to be considered when a couple is contemplating a divorce. While many are important, if the couple have children, then determining how to settle at least temporary child custody is of the utmost importance. Just like every other state, Kentucky has its own laws that will guide a court in making these determinations.

There are steps parents can take before the issue comes before a family court judge. One of these is taking time to consider the needs and feelings of the children who may be affected by the impending separation of households. In many cases, children do well to remain in their familiar environments, including their home if at all possible. Additionally, if the parents can come to at least a temporary agreement as to how to share parenting duties, this will also make the transitions easier for all parties. Refraining from using children as a conduit for communication can also ease tensions for the child and allows for more open dialogue between parents.

When attempting to share responsibilities, it may be beneficial to communicate openly and frequently concerning all matters relating to the children — including upcoming medical appointments and school functions. Allowing for flexibility in the other’s schedule can also relieve stress and anxiety when situations arise that may interfere with a parent’s scheduled custody time. It also will facilitate one’s custody chances if each side encourages a consistent relationship between each parent and child.

Every decision and action that divorcing parents make in regard to their conduct with their children may come under scrutiny by a family court judge. Ensuring that one acts responsibly and openly with the other parent will benefit all parties when it comes time to decide on a permanent child custody arrangement. Kentucky parents who are struggling to resolve this issue in the manner that protects their children’s best interest may wish to consult with an experienced family law attorney in order to arrive at the best possible solutions.

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