Financial Stress Often Root Cause Behind Many Divorce Filings

Love can cover a multitude of issues; however, money woes can seldom remain buried for long. It almost goes without saying that monetary difficulties are behind countless divorce filings. Kentucky residents who are struggling in their marriages may be finding that disputes over debt are at the root of their arguments.

Though a couple may not cite financial differences as a reason why they are seeking a divorce, in reality, debt often plays a role in how much a couple may fight. It is estimated that many underestimate their amount of student loans by approximately 25 percent. Credit card debt is often undervalued by nearly 37 percent. When a debt load endangers a couple’s ability to pay essential expenses such as utility bills, it places an enormous amount of pressure on a relationship.

It makes good sense for couples to seek assistance in handling debt when their relationship begins to suffer. There are several options for addressing debt that has become unmanageable. Once they are able to manage their money more effectively, a couple may be able to set more realistic goals for their future. Couples who have not yet married may consider entering into a prenuptial agreement in order to determine how their individual debts will be handled. Those who are already married may choose to execute a postnuptial agreement in order to create a financial plan that could facilitate debt management or a future dissolution.

There are many stressful matters that can eventually take a toll on a relationship. It is estimated that debt and disagreement over money management adversely affect nearly 40 percent of couples. Those who fight over financial problems are more than 30 percent more inclined to file for divorce. Kentucky residents who find themselves facing a divorce may benefit from enlisting the assistance of an experienced attorney who can help them arrange a satisfactory settlement agreement.