Good Things, episode 1: Schaffner Family Law provides hand sanitizer, courtesy of Karrikin Spirits.

As the early waves of the COVID-19 pandemic were reaching the region, Karrikin Spirits Company was launching their (delicious) seltzer product in Northern Ohio. Toilet paper and sanitizer were some of the first products to sell out in the stores, and Jeff Hunt, founder of Cincinnati-based Karrikin Spirits Company, made a choice to fill a community need for hand sanitizer. Within days he had begun using his spirit-making skills and his big, beautiful still to produce hundreds of thousands of gallons of 80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. He sells to frontline workers – hospitals, police departments, fire departments, food manufacturing companies and community groups. Karrikin also provides smaller quantities directly to medical staff from their distillery/restaurant located in Fairfax, Ohio, each day.

At a time when many of us are staying home and enjoying extra time with family, organizing our cabinets and cleaning out our landscaping, Karrikin employees are working all hours to produce as much product as possible, to help protect the lives of people in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

When you taste Karrikin’s hand-crafted sodas, beers, seltzers and spirits you will agree that Jeff is a master flavor-craftsman. He starts with ultra purified water and then crafts his product by choosing the appropriate mineral profile for the flavor he seeks to produce. I tasted their gin, vodka, agave spirit, seltzers and beers. They were the smoothest and most flavorfully balanced spirits and beverages I have had. Ever.

Soon, we will reopen businesses that closed during the mandatory closures. We will be able to meet with friends to laugh, relax and enjoy a beverage. I hope you will join me in toasting Jeff Hunt and his crew at Karrikin Spirits for the good things they did by helping us all be safer. If you meet me at Karrikin, I promise to buy the first round, and I also promise that you won’t be disappointed. These people make awesome beverages.

If you need hand sanitizer, please call or text Schaffner Family Law, 859-491-1011. Karrikin gave us plenty to share.