How Do Holidays Work For Children After Their Parents Divorce?

By its nature, a divorce between parents often involves feelings of anger, hurt and resentment. Parents who are caught up in these emotions may find themselves unable to entertain the thought of spending a holiday in the presence of their former partner. For children, though, the idea of being able to enjoy the presence of both parents may be their most ardent desire. According to research, the three factors that often determine how children fare after a divorce include parental alienation, parental tension and whether parents are nearby.

Families who are able to co-parent with the least amount of conflict and tension are most inclined to produce happy and well-adjusted adult children. There are some families who have reached a point where they are able to jointly celebrate special occasions with the inclusion of their current partner or spouse. While not every family will be able to achieve such blended harmony, being able to arrive at a workable solution for the sake of the children will bring its own rewards.

Parents who are able to place their own feelings aside may be the most successful at helping their children enjoy harmony and peace during the holidays. Children who are exposed to bitterness concerning the other parent in the years after a divorce may later struggle with anxiety and sadness because they may feel torn between their parents. Kentucky residents who desire to ensure that their children will be provided with the love and support they need may find the input of an experienced attorney beneficial when working on a parenting plan for their unique needs.