How the Mediation Process Works to Resolve Disputes

Mediation in Kentucky is a peaceful solution to your divorce. It allows you and your spouse to work in a negotiation setting to reach a divorce settlement or agreement, rather than going through the court and letting a judge decide.

As a less-expensive and less-stressful option than traditional litigation, mediation is a great way to work through your divorce and look forward to the future.

At Schaffner Family Law, we are happy to represent clients in mediation settings. Our lawyers can help you and your spouse come up with equitable, fair solutions that benefit everyone in your family.

The Mediation Process

Mediation works best if you can work with your spouse and agree on some common goals, such as your parenting plan and how you want to share time. While you don’t have to agree on everything right away, it’s helpful to have an open mind and the ability to speak objectively with your spouse.

Mediation attorneys can provide counsel and legal insight throughout the mediation process, helping you get the results you want from your divorce.

You can address divorce issues such as:

  • Asset and property division, including how you want to divide things among you and your spouse
  • Child care and custody, such as working out a parenting plan or visitation schedule, or allocating child support for the future
  • Spousal alimony or maintenance, including helping you calculate an appropriate amount given you and your spouse’s financial situation
  • Other property or funds division, including any business you and your spouse might own or investments, stocks, and retirement accounts
  • A futureproof divorce settlement to minimize the need for modification or amendments down the road

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