Is There Any One Thing That Will Lead to a Divorce?

Overall, marriage and relationship professionals say that there are several reasons as to why a marriage may not thrive. For many couples, it is more of a culmination of stresses or irritations that may have contributed to their realization that a divorce is the best option for them. Some spouses may have a preconceived idea of what may cause them to seek a divorce, but find that the actual last straw was something they did not anticipate.

For some couples, the moment that opens their eyes may not be a dramatic event such as an extramarital affair. Rather, it can be buildup of emotional reactions to something lacking in the marriage or to consistently poor or neglectful treatment. For many, the so-called last straw is arguably more about self-realization that either they are no longer being fulfilled by the marriage or they are no longer invested in working on the relationship.

One spouse may have come to the realization that he or she is ready to leave the relationship before the other is aware that a divorce may be imminent. This allows one spouse the opportunity to start grieving the end of the relationship, which typically leads to more emotional distance. Regardless of whether there was one clarifying moment that led to the decision to file for a divorce, Kentucky residents will likely be concerned about how they will fare financially after a dissolution. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in structuring a settlement that will meet one’s needs.