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Military Divorce Seems To Be Holding Steady; Marriages In Decline

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

Life in the military can be rewarding in many ways, though there are many sacrifices that families are asked to make when one or both spouses are service members. In spite of the demands that these families face, it appears that the military divorce rate has not significantly increased over the past several years. Unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life for many Kentucky residents, whether one is in the military or lives a civilian life.

The report compiled by the Defense Manpower Data Center records the divorce rate among military members as remaining around 3 percent. However, within those numbers is the figure that shows that, among one branch of service, the rate of divorce for women personnel is more than double that figure. Overall, the divorce rate for women in all branches is higher than for men, with the Army reporting a rate that is more than 275 times higher than it is for men.

For reasons that are yet unclear, female Marines are divorcing at a rate of approximately 7 percent, which has remained consistently high for several years. In 2010, women personnel were divorcing at a rate of almost 10 percent. It has been suggested that, because the rate has not fluctuated much during the past several years, there may be policies in place that make it more difficult for female Marines to maintain a healthy marriage.

Just as in civilian life, the overall marriage rate has shown a decline. Historically,  marriages for military members was higher than for civilians, due in part because of the benefits that are offered to married personnel. The decline is mirroring the rest of the population as more and more people are choosing to remain single. When Kentucky residents are facing the prospect of filing for a military divorce, they may be concerned about the proper procedures. In these circumstances, residents may benefit from the advice that an experienced attorney can provide.

Source:, “Troop Divorce Rate Unchanged; Marriage Rate Continues Fall“, Amy Bushatz, April 16, 2018

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