Mother Works To Change How Child Custody Cases Are Handled

Sadly, not every case ensures a child is protected from an unstable parent. One mother, whose child died at the hands of her disturbed father, worked tirelessly to ensure that other parents do not suffer the devastating loss of a beloved child through domestic violence. She stated that she tried to inform the family court and other personnel that her former husband was a threat to her daughter’s well-being, but even the court-appointed advocate for her 2-year-old child dismissed her concerns of domestic violence.

Now, her work has produced a house resolution that seeks to ensure the safety of children caught in the middle of custody disputes. It is the first time the federal government has taken steps to influence how courts resolve these difficult cases. The bill, H. Con. Res. 72, provides an outline for how child custody cases should be handled. 

The bill, which is described as non-binding, places safety at the forefront of contested child custody fights. It also seeks to ensure that those who work on these cases are qualified to address issues related to family violence. While this is a federal resolution, parents are encouraged to request that their individual states take up similar measures. Though this is an extreme example of a custody case going wrong, the vast majority of cases can be resolved peaceably. Kentucky parents who are unable to settle on a parenting plan that suits their particular family’s needs may wish to consult with a family law attorney.