New Technology Aims to Help With Child Custody and Co-Parenting

The new app, called the co-Parenter, purportedly offers a wide range of benefits that support parents in their efforts to co-parent more effectively. The app incorporates artificial intelligence, (AI), which is reportedly capable of drawing cues from the context of a message and can revamp communication between the parties in such a way as to defuse volatile situations that would normally end in the parents facing off in a courtroom. The app includes a variety of tools that can enable parents to keep all relevant information concerning their children in one location. It also includes a function that provides a location verification to facilitate custody exchanges.

The application incorporates calendars, expense reports, scheduling assistants and even has the ability to store legal documents. In addition, it gives parents access to legal assistance for those matters that require the input of professionals in order to reach the desired resolution. This mediation option can help parents resolve their difficulty in a manner that may help ease the stress and emotional strain that frequently accompanies courtroom appearances.

In the event that a parent chooses not to participate in the co-Parenter app, the other parent can still access most of the features in a “solo” parent mode. The developers of this technology stressed that they were seeking a way to help parents manage and ease the stress that comes with handling co-parenting in a manner that could most benefit children. Kentucky parents who are facing their own problems in resolving matters relating to child custody or similar issues may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.