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One State Reduced Waiting Period For Divorce

In many cases, Kentucky spouses who are ready to bring their marriage to an end cannot reach that outcome soon enough. They are often eager to begin their new lives as singles, and to move beyond a marriage that is beyond repair. One state has facilitated that process by shortening the required waiting period between filing for divorce and having the process made final.

While many people believe that lengthy waiting periods can help couples decide to work on their marriage and save their union, that outcome is not strongly supported by research. In many cases, having to wait to finalize a divorce is difficult for all involved and has little benefit. It should also be noted that most couples who decide to divorce do so after many months or years of deliberating the move, and not on the spur of the moment.

Having obstacles in place that delay a divorce can lead to increased tension between spouses, which often translates into increased tension for shared children. It also increases the chance that one or both spouses will move on to new relationships during the required period of separation. That can often further complicate a divorce, as the new partners sometimes have strong opinions about how property division and child custody matters should be handled.

The state that recently shortened the required waiting period went from two years to just one. That news will come as a relief to many people who are ready to move beyond a dysfunctional marriage and on to new pursuits. For those in Kentucky who are married and considering relocation to a new state, it may be worthwhile to look into the divorce rules currently in place in the new location.

Source:, “Shorter waiting period for no-fault divorces takes effect in Pennsylvania“, Wallace McKelvey, Dec. 2, 2016

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