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Overcoming The Pain Of Divorce Like Gwyneth Paltrow Is Possible

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

Even under the best of circumstances, overcoming the pain associated with ending a marriage can be a challenge, especially if children are involved. The bigger challenge for Kentucky couples, however, is moving past that pain to focus on what is truly important, which is working together as a team to make the transition of divorce as painless as possible for the children. According to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, that involves coming to some hard realizations even as the parties acknowledge their pain.

Paltrow was derided often in the media for calling her divorce a conscious uncoupling. Now, however, she says that people have begun to understand what it means and are attempting to do the same thing. For her, putting the children first meant reminding herself what she liked about her now former husband so that she could foster a friendship as a parent, not as a wife. Maintaining such a positive outlook may not be easy, but it could be worth it.

Most of those in Kentucky going through divorce may have a hard time remaining positive. However, those with children might consider finding a way to move in that direction. Regardless of the fact that the marriage is over, the parties will always be parents. That means that they need to find a way to work together for the sake of the children.

Fortunately, couples are no longer restricted to going to court to work out their issues. That atmosphere often ends up encouraging disagreements, contention and battles where none really needed to exist. Using either mediation or collaborative, a divorcing couple can move past their pain in order to come to a divorce settlement that includes a parenting plan that helps the children through this difficult time.

Source: People, “Gwyneth Paltrow Calls ‘Incredibly Painful’ Divorce from Chris Martin the ‘Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Done’“, Mike Miller, June 1, 2017

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