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Paternity Suit Filed Against Nba Player

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in paternity on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

Like most men here in Kentucky, Amar’e Stoudemire had no problem accepting that he was the father of a woman’s child despite the fact that he was married to another woman when the child was conceived and born. He began providing for the child after he was told about her, which was not until after her birth. However, that did not stop the girl’s mother from filing a paternity suit against the NBA player seeking permanent child support and a legal acknowledgement that Stoudemire is the father.

The woman is not currently employed and does not want to be. She says in her pleadings that she does not want to work so that she can stay home and raise her child. She essentially wants the court to order Stoudemire to pay enough child support for her to be able to do that.

She also claims that he failed to pay any of her maternity or birth expenses. She is asking for reimbursement for those expenses as well. As for Stoudemire, he claims that he has already given the woman a lump sum of money that more than covers those expenses and has been paying temporary child support to her since he found out about the child.

Most Kentucky men who find themselves in this position may not be paying out the thousands of dollars that Stoudemire is, but the result is the same. Paternity will need to be legally established and then child support ordered. What some men may not realize is that they may also ask for custody and visitation to be established as well once they are legally recognized as the biological father of the child. The proceedings do not only have to be about child support.

Source: Miami Herald, “Married former Miami Heat benchwarmer faces paternity suit“, Jose Lambiet, Aug. 9, 2017

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