Paternity Test Reportedly Confirms Owen Wilson is a Father Again

The actor agreed to the test after the mother, Varunie Vonsvirates, approached him with news of her pregnancy. Ms. Vonsvirate announced the name of her child back in the summer and later published hints on social media that Wilson is the father. The two were apparently in a short relationship. 

A spokesperson for Wilson stated that if he is the father, he will meet all of the obligations to the child that comes with being a parent. It further stated that he is a caring father for his two young sons and maintains a good relationship with each of the boys’ mothers. A recent announcement that the baby was born included news that the actor welcomed his new and only daughter. 

The actor has not personally made any public statements concerning the child and has not as yet publicly acknowledged that he is indeed the biological father. Kentucky residents have access to the same paternity testing tools. Whether one is trying to prove paternity or rule it out, a family law attorney can help address these important issues as well as related ones concerning custody and visitation, as applicable.