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The Many Reasons Why People File For Divorce

The number one reason couples file for divorce is believed to be infidelity. It does not matter if an affair is physical in nature or emotional; both can do irreparable harm to a marital relationship. Trust that is lost is often lost for good.

The second big marriage problem is often money. Money really is a stressful factor. Usually, there is not enough, or one spouse wants to save while the other wants to spend. The constant fighting about it is enough to drive couples to divorce.

Another marriage-ender is addiction. Why? Those who struggle with addiction make their addiction their priority. When their partners feel neglected or abused because of it, they may — and often do — choose to walk away.

Finally, the last reason that will be discussed is irreconcilable differences. Sometimes, a couple may just find that they are too different and that they want different things. When this is the case, it may be better to divorce rather then spend a lifetime in an unhappy situation.

No one goes into a marriage hoping it will end in divorce. It just happens. When Kentucky residents are ready to file, they can seek help from an experienced family law attorney in order to achieve divorce settlements that are fair and balanced.

Source: Today, “6 major reasons why people divorce“, Bela Gandhi, Oct. 25, 2017

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