There is a High Road in Divorce That Does Not Lead to Bankruptcy

During a typical marital breakdown, the two parties often dig in and prepare for a protracted battle over money and wills. Neither side wishes to appear to lose and both are usually willing to try to ensure that the other spouse winds up suffering either financially or emotionally during a divorce. However, there may be a different way for Kentucky residents to approach their dissolution.

There are two main emotions that tend to steer people’s reactions when they are going through the divorce process. The first of these is fear — fear of the unknown and of life undergoing a drastic change. The second predominant emotion is greed. During a dissolution, it may be a normal reaction to want to obtain as many of the marital assets as possible in order to preserve one’s current lifestyle. While these reactions are typical, they do not have to dictate how one behaves during the proceedings.

An approach that may work better is to attempt to treat the other party in the same manner as one desires to be treated. This does not mean that one cannot pursue what one needs in a settlement, but it may forestall some of the bitterness that often accompanies a divorce. Furthermore, children will benefit from the reduced tension and conflict.

Some may worry that choosing to take the “high road” will equate with being a door mat or placed in a vulnerable negotiating position. However, it is possible to remain amicable for the sake of the children and one’s own emotional well-being without losing out on one’s rightful share of the marital assets. Kentucky residents who are seeking a less acrimonious divorce may wish to consult with a knowledgeable attorney.