Video Game Under Fire For Causing Increased Divorce Filings

There are many reasons why a marriage may not survive over the long term. Though there have always been addictions that can lead to divorce, one of the newest supposedly involve addictions to video games. Kentucky residents who find that their marriage is no longer sustainable due to any addictive behavior may be contemplating a divorce filing of their own.

According to a source that follows the trends in divorce petitions, a new video game is being cited as a reason why couples are calling it quits. The game, called Fortnite, apparently does not appeal just to children and teens, as more and more adults are developing a possible addiction to the latest craze. This game apparently rewards players for the more time they spend, which leads participants to continue playing for longer and longer periods.

This particular game is purportedly causing problems in other areas of life as well. Schools and sporting organizations have been complaining that students and athletes are not as attentive to their responsibilities due to their gaming obsession. The popularity of these types of games has increased so much that some colleges here are now offering scholarships to students who excel at them.

Though there is always a tendency to pin the blame on this reason or that when a marriage ends in divorce, the fact is that there are usually many factors at play when a marriage ends. Couples who are no longer compatible are most likely much better off if they decide to seek a divorce rather than remain in an unhappy relationship. Kentucky residents who have decided to file a petition for divorce may be best served by consulting with professionals who can ensure that a settlement agreement will provide the financial stability that they deserve.