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What Seems To Be Behind The Surge In Gray Divorce?

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Starting life over again without a spouse after the age of 50 might seem like a frightening prospect, but that has not stopped numerous couples here in Kentucky and across the country from doing just that. In fact, so many have taken this leap of faith that the term “gray divorce” was coined to describe it. This may leave many people wondering what is behind this phenomenon.

Of course, many people have their theories. Even so, many of the reasons for divorcing later in life are the same as the ones facing younger couples. Substance abuse by one party can make remaining together an impossibility. Domestic abuse could also prompt a spouse to want out of the relationship. This may not have been an option in past decades, but numerous resources exist these days to help victims leave.

A couple may have drifted apart during the time they raised their children, but failed to notice it until after the kids left home. The lack of a sustainable marital relationship thereafter could lead to a couple’s separation. People can fall out of love as well, and with the changes in society’s views on divorce, couples no longer feel as though they have to stay in a loveless relationship.

Every couple is unique, so other reasons may apply to their situations. Regardless, many Kentucky couples over the age of 50 now divorce instead of remaining together. They may not have to worry about children as part of their proceedings, but they do have other unique considerations such as rebuilding retirement accounts and other financial issues since they could be reaching the end of their careers.

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