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Why You Should Consider Divorce Even If The Separation Is Working

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Friday, May 13, 2016.

It is not uncommon for couples that are experiencing relationship difficulties to spend time living apart. While during that time, some couples find their way back to each other, others decide to make the arrangement permanent. Just what the permanent separation will look like in the latter situation will vary depending on the couple. While some will move forward with a divorce, others may be tempted to continue as they had been, without a formal agreement. In the long run, opting to maintain the status quo could be problematic financially.

Generally speaking, when it comes to securing a good financial settlement in a divorce, there is no time like the present. While it is of course possible that the rules in Kentucky could change to your benefit, there is no guarantee that will happen and in fact, things could get worse. This is particularly true where women seeking alimony are concerned as reforms sweeping the nation, tend to favor husbands.

Another reason to move forward to end a marriage legally has to do with the potential further deterioration of your relationship. While you may be getting along okay during the initial separation, there is no guarantee this will continue either. While you are sharing accounts, anything your spouse does to negatively impact those accounts will negatively impact you as well. He or she could also spend the time you are living apart but not yet divorced, to hide assets or move to another part of the country or world, where the laws that govern divorce are more favorable to him or her.

While the process of divorcing can be overwhelming, the failure to move forward with a divorce in a timely manner could ultimately result in a much smaller financial settlement. It could have other impacts as well such as preventing you from moving on with your life. Working with a lawyer who understands the divorce process thoroughly and the issues that could arise, can make it easier.

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