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Will A Collaborative Divorce Suit Your Circumstances?

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Monday, February 20, 2017.

When a Kentucky couple gets married, the intertwining of their lives start. Very soon, property, finances, children, pets, emotions and more will tie them together. Many couples will be happy ever after and grow old together, but some will reach a stage at which they might choose to go their separate ways. Untangling all those ties that were formed during the marriage can be an emotional process that sometimes brings contention into a divorce.

However, couples who can work together one last time may find that a collaborative divorce can dissolve their marriage within a shorter time and at a lower cost than a litigated divorce. A collaborative divorce is a mutual effort in which attorneys who are suitably qualified to handle collaboration represent the divorcing parties. After consultations with their respective attorneys, they will meet with other professionals who make up the team of collaborators.

The team will include experts to advise on issues involving finances, taxes, real estate, children and more. Negotiations to reach a settlement will not be adversarial, and the aim will be to reach agreements that will be fair and in the best interests of all parties. If the process is unsuccessful, the couple may proceed with litigation in a court, but without the same legal representation. New attorneys must be appointed to provide legal counsel.

Although collaborative divorce has become a favored method to end marriages in Kentucky, it might not be suitable for all. A consultation with an experienced collaborative law attorney may provide answers to questions and explanations of other options such as mediation and litigation. Once fully informed, the chosen method of divorce can proceed under the guidance of a seasoned divorce attorney.

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