Woman Files Paternity Suit Against Law Enforcement Officer

Recently, a sheriff found himself facing the prospect of being a father after a relationship with a woman. The woman filed a paternity suit against the man, seeking sole custody as well as child support in order to provide for the baby’s needs. The man recently responded to the lawsuit by requesting that a paternity test be conducted to establish that he is the biological father. He has further requested that he be granted shared custody if he is the father.

The mother stated that the man’s official response is a change from his earlier position regarding impending fatherhood. She alleges that the man expressed his opinion that the pregnancy be terminated, as he purportedly felt that termination was the only option. She allegedly possesses text messages that indicate that the relationship between the two became strained once she announced the pregnancy.

Neither the sheriff’s department nor legal representatives for either party responded to requests for comments regarding this paternity suit. There have been no further details as to upcoming court dates. Though this case has garnered the interest of the public, most paternity questions are handled more discreetly. Kentucky residents who are concerned about providing for their child may seek assistance from a knowledgeable attorney in order to secure all of the benefits to which their child may be entitled.