Woman Sues Over Alleged Default For Paternity Payments

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in paternity on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

There are times in life when one engages in behavior that is later regretted. For the most part, these regrets do not effect others, though secrets regarding paternity can have a life-long impact. Whenever a Kentucky resident is having difficulty establishing the paternity of child, he or she can seek the guidance of legal professionals.

Recently, a woman filed a civil suit against the man who fathered her daughter. According to the suit, the man seduced her into having an extra-marital affair when she was 21. The affair continued for sometime until she conceived a child. She then left the man’s employment and married the captain of her former employer’s yacht. That marriage only endured a short time.

After her divorce in 1989, she returned to her former boss and they renewed their illicit relationship. Years later, she obtained a law degree and joined a respected firm. At some point, her daughter took a genetic test that showed a match to a man who was her uncle. The mother informed the father of the results. He purportedly promised to pay the woman $500,000 to keep her paternity a secret.

The suit claims he reneged on the agreement and she only received a portion of the promised amount. A representative for the father stated that the man has informed his family about his daughter. He is hopeful that he can establish a relationship with his adult child.

While this case is unusual, there are times when a parent might attempt to avoid the responsibility of parenthood. Kentucky parents who are trying to ensure that their child receives all of the benefits to which he or she is entitled may feel frustrated in their efforts to reach an agreement with a former partner. He or she is entitled to consult with an attorney who can assist them in establishing paternity and ensuring that a child’s needs are met.