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As families change—whether by growing or separating—we’re right beside you to help.

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Even loving families face changes, and getting through those changes on your own can be challenging. Whether you’re growing your family through adoption or negotiating custody and divorce, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. If your negotiations break down, having a good trial attorney by your side can make all the difference.

And if you’re looking for creative, collaborative solutions instead of a drawn-out fight, Schaffner Family Law is here to help. we specialize in creative solutions driven by decades of experience and competence—We want to help you find the answer that works for your whole family. We can find the path that works for your needs, from collaborative and uncontested divorces to adoption guidance and complex divorce proceedings. That said, if all else fails and going to trial is your only option, our firm has the litigation skills and experience to serve as effective counsel in the courtroom.

Our Mission

Schaffner Family Law is here to help you through the changes and challenges of family transitions—divorces, adoption, custody agreements, and more. If your worries about preserving your and your children’s future are keeping you up at night, you can sleep soundly when you work with us. 

We help you maintain your rights to your family, stay financially secure, and get a fair result without unnecessary conflict or litigation. The legal process can be humane and sane when you have a team on your side who is committed to treating you and your family with dignity, respect, and empathy. And if needed, you should have a skilled and experienced trial lawyer to fight for you. That’s just what Schaffner Family Law is here to do.

Come in for a Consult

Set up your initial, confidential consultation so we can get to know each other. Tell us about your hopes for the process, your fears, and your priorities. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the legal path ahead of you and how we can partner together to achieve your goals.

Create Your Plan

Together, we chart a clear path to your goals by looking at your needs, your family, and the legal approach that is right for you. We will be honest and open with you about your options, and you can be real with us in return. You’ll have a clear understanding of our shared strategy throughout the whole process.

Lead Your New Life

Whether your family is expanding through adoption or changing through a divorce, you can take control and have the outcome that works for everyone involved. While your family might look different after the legal process, you will still enjoy a happy, connected, fulfilling life when you have an experienced team by your side.

Your Team

The office of Schaffner Family Law in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, has earned a reputation for our high-quality family law representation. Although family law problems are often highly stressful for our clients, our goal is to help you through a difficult time. We are devoted to providing tough, persuasive and intelligent representation.


Tasha K. Schaffner

Tasha Schaffner became an attorney for one reason: to see justice served. As a result, she’s a tough, persuasive and fierce advocate driven by justice who thoroughly investigates and prepares for her cases. Tasha helps clients in the areas of criminal defense and family law matters including paternity, adoption and child support.

Devon Calitri-min

Devon S. Calitri, Of Counsel

An accomplished litigation attorney, Devon Calitri aggressively advocates for clients both in and out of the courtroom. Since 2005, Devon has been serving clients throughout Kentucky in family law matters including divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, property division and post-decree modifications.

Our Services

While, the field of family law is broad, at Schaffner Family Law, we have decades of experience in every area of family law and an extensive, successful trial record. Whether you are expanding your family or looking for options for a collaborative or uncontested divorce, securing grandparent rights, undergoing a high-asset divorce, or facing other situations, we will work together closely to find the right solution for you. We strive to make the legal process as pain-free and amicable as possible.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce allows people to resolve divorce, child custody, child support, maintenance and marital property issues without going to court. At Schaffner Family Law, we can advise you on whether this method of dispute resolution is best suited to your interests.


Helping a child find stability through adoption is one of the most satisfying things for a parent. Schaffner Family Law takes pride in using their 10-plus years of experience to guide parents through the process of all types of adoption.


Mediation in Kentucky is a peaceful solution to your divorce. It allows you and your spouse to work in a negotiation setting to reach a divorce settlement or agreement, rather than letting a judge decide in court. At Schaffner Family Law, we are happy to provide mediation services to divorcing couples and their families.

Divorce & Family Law

If you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, Schaffner Family Law can help you answer your questions regarding your children, your finances, and your goals for the future.

You know when you need to make a change—sometimes you just need the right help to make it happen. That could be moving on from a marriage, renegotiating care for your children, adopting a foster child, asserting your rights as grandparents, or another shift in your family life. 

Making changes is always challenging—but when you have a trusted, honest, knowledgeable guide at your side, you can navigate the legal process with confidence and calm. 

So what more are you waiting for? Contact Schaffner Family Law today and get started on the road to your new, happy life.


“From day one everyone was professional and kind. Early recommendations on steps I should take really came in handy as my case proceeded. I would highly recommend Tasha not only for her expertise but professional manner in which she conducts business. Grateful for all she's done for me.”

"Schaffner Family Law provided my family with very effective personal advice and legal counsel on a very complex matter.”

"Great attention to detail, communication, and customer service from this office!!! You won't regret retaining their services!!!!"

"Tasha is the first person I will call with any questions related to family law issues. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, personable --- and tough when she needs to be! I think she is GREAT!"

"None better. As honest and brilliant a person as you will find. In and out of the courthouse."