Our Services

While, the field of family law is broad, at Schaffner Family Law, we have decades of experience in every area of family law and an extensive, successful trial record. Whether you are expanding your family or looking for options for a collaborative or uncontested divorce, securing grandparent rights, undergoing a high-asset divorce, or facing other situations, we will work together closely to find the right solution for you. We strive to make the legal process as pain-free and amicable as possible.


If you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has filed for divorce, Schaffner Family Law can help you answer your questions regarding your children, your finances, and your goals for the future.

Military Divorce

Military duty presents unique challenges in divorce related to medical and retirement benefits and child custody for military personnel. Schaffner Family Law has substantial experience guiding service members through the complexities of military family law.

High-Asset Divorce

If you have substantial assets and are going through a divorce, you need an attorney on your side who will take action to protect what you have accumulated. Schaffner Family Law can help you protect what is rightfully yours.

Divorce for Business Owners

If you own a business, dividing property and addressing other financial matters are often contentious matters in divorce. Schaffner Family Law has the experience and financial acuity to protect your business.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparents may need to step in and care for their grandchildren due to tragic or adverse circumstances, Schaffner Family Law is well-versed in grandparents’ rights and protecting the harmony of family relationships and the well-being of grandchildren under Kentucky law.

Child Custody

In child custody cases, it is important to understand that the court’s position is focused on the best interest of the children. Schaffner Family Law has more than a decade of experience in child custody and can help you protect your relationship with your children.


Helping a child find stability through adoption is one of the most satisfying things for a parent. Schaffner Family Law takes pride in using their 10-plus years of experience to guide parents through the process of all types of adoption.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce allows people to resolve divorce, child custody, child support, maintenance and marital property issues without going to court. At Schaffner Family Law, we can advise you on whether this method of dispute resolution is best suited to your interests.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is often contentious and feels overwhelming. It can seem like an impossible task to go to court and come out unscathed—but that’s why we offer another option. If you and your spouse have similar goals, you can settle the issues very effectively by choosing uncontested divorce.


Life can change following a divorce or legal separation and when these changes affect the needs of children or the availability of services, Schaffner Family Law can help you make post-divorce modifications to custody, support or maintenance orders.


When paternity is not legally established at the birth of a child, the potential for legal challenges in the future is increased. Schaffner Family Law is well-versed in Kentucky paternity law and can help you navigate the potential options for establishing paternity.


Mediation in Kentucky is a peaceful solution to your divorce. It allows you and your spouse to work in a negotiation setting to reach a divorce settlement or agreement, rather than letting a judge decide in court. At Schaffner Family Law, we are happy to provide mediation services to divorcing couples and their families.