When paternity is not legally established at the birth of a child, the potential for legal challenges in the future is increased. When the biological parents of a child are not married at the beginning of the pregnancy or at the time of the child’s birth, the father of the child does not have any legal rights or responsibilities under Kentucky law. To gain legal rights and obligations to the child, the mother or father must seek a declaration of paternity.

Establishing Rights And Obligations For Unmarried Fathers In Kentucky

The compassionate attorneys at Tasha K. Schaffner in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, are well-versed in Kentucky paternity law. Unmarried parents may wish to establish paternity in the absence of a conflict to avoid heated litigation in the future. However, we understand that circumstances can change after a child is born, leading to contentious paternity disputes.

Paternity conflicts can arise in a variety of ways. Unmarried parents may decide to split up after raising the child for a period of time together. Similarly, a breakdown in the relationship between adults may occur before the birth of the child. In either situation, a father may want to establish paternity to obtain child custody and visitation rights. Mothers frequently seek a declaration of paternity in order to obtain child support.

We represent men and women in all manner of paternity disputes, including:

  • Establishing legal paternity to determining custody rights and child support obligations
  • Advocating clients’ interests in custody, child sharing and child support order determinations
  • Defending men and women in paternity actions

We understand that parents wrestle with difficult decisions in pursuing a paternity action. We take the time to fully explain the law and address the individual concerns of our clients. We can help you navigate the potential options in establishing paternity in Kentucky. An uncontested paternity action may involve properly filing affidavits. Court actions may involve the use of a stipulation or consent order adopted by the court, or litigation in family court to determine unmarried fathers’ rights and obligations. We can explain all of your legal options and provide tenacious representation to protect your interests.

Get Straight Answers And Vigorous Representation In Paternity Matters

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