Life can change in many ways following a divorce or legal separation. While life is dynamic, existing family court orders remain enforceable. Changes in the needs of children and the availability of services may require modification of a family court order. Substantial changes in income or the loss of a job can have a significant impact on the fairness of child support or spousal maintenance order. The availability of work may require a change of residence for a custodial parent. When life’s ups-and-downs require a change in direction, the new circumstances may justify modification to an existing custody, child support or maintenance order.

Aggressive Representation In Parent-Child Relocation Cases

In Northern Kentucky, parental relocation cases (which are sometimes referred to as move-away cases) are fairly common with so many state borders in the area. Relocations that will interfere with an existing primary custody or shared parenting order frequently involve heated disputes. Whether you are a custodial parent who needs to move for economic reasons or if you want to prevent your ex-spouse from moving away with your son or daughter, you need aggressive representation to protect the interests of you and your child. At Tasha K. Schaffner you can work with a tenacious family law attorney who will analyze your unique situation and help you take decisive action.

Economic Changes Necessitating Post-Decree Modifications

Downward or upward adjustments to child support orders may be justified by significant changes in income in either parent’s income. Changes in the needs of the child that occur after divorce may require the review of the family court. Most often, changes in income are involved in post-decree support modifications. Custodial parents may learn that their ex-spouse has experienced a substantial increase in income since the court initially established a child support obligation. Custodial parents who have suffered the loss of a job, or a significant decrease in income in an ever-changing job market may find it difficult, if not impossible, to meet the support obligations outlined in a divorce decree.

Contact Knowledgeable Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers For Aggressive Representation

Our law firm is a well-respected resource for parents in Northern Kentucky seeking post-divorce modifications to custody, support or maintenance orders. We will take the time to understand the changes that you have faced, and explain your legal options. Our trial lawyers are devoted to aggressively protecting clients’ rights. To speak with a proven post-decree modification lawyer in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, call 859-491-1011 or send an email.