Child Custody

In child custody cases, whether they stem from a divorce or a paternity action, it is important to understand that the court’s position is this: Everything should be in the best interest of the children. The needs of the parents come second.

What is in the best interest of the children? The answer varies from case to case. Crestview Hills child custody attorney Tasha K. Schaffner has more than a decade of experience in these matters. You can be confident in her ability to protect your relationship with your children.

Shared Parenting

The courts favor shared parenting arrangements, and most parents accept that it is best for the child to have equal relationships with both parents. In some cases, it makes sense to pursue primary custody, in which one parent gets the largest share of time with the child. This is typically reserved for cases in which the other parent has problems with drugs or alcohol, or would otherwise be a danger to the child. Pursuing primary custody is likely to lead to a battle, making it all the more important to choose an assertive lawyer like Tasha K. Schaffner to represent your interests and help you do what you believe is right for your child.

Tasha K. Schaffner has extensive trial experience and is prepared for battle, but always encourages parents to consider the repercussions of the battle. How will the stress impact the child? Is it worth it? If so, you can be confident that you have the right lawyer on your side.

Northern Kentucky Child Visitation Attorney

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