Are you considering filing for divorce? Has your spouse filed for divorce? The law office of Crestview Hills divorce lawyer Tasha K. Schaffner should be your first stop.

During your initial consultation with Tasha K. Schaffner, she will take the time to learn about your children and their needs, your assets and debts, and your goals for the future. She will educate you about the divorce process, address any questions or concerns you may have, and provide a recommendation about how to approach your case.

With more than 10 years of experience resolving complex legal matters, Tasha K. Schaffner is well-positioned to handle the most challenging divorces, including high-asset divorce cases.

Focused On The Priorities

Child custody and property division tend to be the priorities in divorce cases. In the eyes of the court, the needs of the children always come before the needs of the parents.

In terms of property division, many married couples have every bit as much debt as they do assets. Creative strategies often must be employed in order to protect assets like retirement accounts, preserving as much as possible. The current housing market has added a layer of complexity in terms of dividing the family home during divorce. How much is it worth? Is there equity? How much is owed? Tasha K. Schaffner is skilled at addressing these unique issues and pursuing a fair division of property.

Northern Kentucky High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

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