Adoption in Kentucky is an exciting process and one that can change a child’s life forever. When a parent or couple decides to adopt, they’ll likely face a number of legal questions as they work through paperwork, meetings, conflicts, and future plans.

At Schaffner Family Law, we believe that helping a child find stability in a life that may have previously been unstable is one of the most satisfying things that a lawyer can do. We are proud to offer legal services to adults looking to adopt a child in Kentucky. Our firm serves clients of all backgrounds and situations, and we provide legal services for most types of adoptions.

Family Member Adoptions

Many cases Schaffner Family Law handles involve parents who want to adopt a family member. These can include:

  • Stepparents wanting to adopt their stepchild,
  • Grandparents wanting to adopt their grandchild,
  • Aunts or uncles wanting to adopt nieces or nephews, or  
  • Other forms of family member adoptions

Family member adoptions can be challenging if contested by the biological parent or parents. In that case, the family member will likely need to take the necessary first step of terminating the birth parent’s rights. If the biological parent refuses to cooperate, you will need the help of a trusted attorney to prove that the birth parent has abandoned, abused, or neglected the child.

By working with one of our lawyers, you can learn exactly how to pursue a family member adoption in Kentucky. We handle each of these cases with empathy and competence, and we can provide legal counsel that will fit your unique situation. Even if you are facing a contested family member adoption, our adoption attorneys are skilled at litigation and can take your case to trial if needed.

Foster Child Adoption

A foster child adoption involves adopting a child who has been placed into the foster care system. Whether you’ve already gone through the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to have a foster child placed in your care or you are interested in the steps to achieve this, Schaffner Family Law can help.

Our attorneys help parents who want to:

  • Get involved with the foster system as a foster parent
  • Adopt a child from the foster system
  • Find resources and information about foster child adoption
  • Advocate or litigate on behalf of a foster child

In any custody and adoption case, a child’s welfare is priority. One of our attorneys can help you advocate for the child or navigate through the process of adopting a child from the foster care system.  

Uncontested Adoption

Adopting a child in Kentucky doesn’t need to be a litigated, or “contested,” process. However, even an uncontested adoption involves a lot of paperwork and legal processes that are best faced with an attorney. The state of Kentucky requires potential parents to meet a number of deadlines and file specific documents to ensure the best placement of a child.

Our lawyers are experienced and competent in navigating the state process of adopting a child. We can help you:

  • Determine the best process to meet your goals
  • Understand the Kentucky adoption code
  • Draft and file paperwork on your behalf

Northern Kentucky Adoption Lawyer

At Schaffner Family Law, we have 20+ years of experience and empathize with prospective parents navigating the adoption process and do our best to find solutions that work for you. We take pride in our ability to solve problems creatively and competently, and we encourage clients to be honest and real with us so we can find their best-case resolution.

If you are looking for an adoption lawyer in Kentucky, schedule a confidential consultation with us today at (859) 491-1011 or use the online form below. We look forward to serving you.