Helping a child find stability in a life that has likely been filled with instability is one of the most satisfying things that a lawyer can do. Tasha K. Schaffner takes pride in using her 10-plus years of experience to guide parents through the adoption process to provide stable homes for children. She handles all types of adoptions.

Family Member Adoptions

Many cases handled by Crestview Hills adoption lawyer Tasha K. Schaffner involve stepparents wanting to adopt their stepchild, grandparents wanting to adopt their grandchild, or other forms of family member adoptions. These adoptions can be challenging, because of the necessary first step of terminating the rights of the birth parent. Unless the birth parent agrees to it, termination of parental rights is no simple task. It must be proven that the birth parent has abandoned the child or has abused or neglected the child.

Tasha K. Schaffner is a trial lawyer, ready and able to go to court if necessary to help an adopting parent provide a stable home to a child. This type of assertive approach may be necessary in family member adoption cases involving involuntary termination of parental rights.

Foster Child Adoption

Tasha K. Schaffner also handles cases involving foster parents adopting their foster child. In these cases, the parents have likely already gone through the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to have a foster child placed in their care. However, it is important for parents to seek guidance from an experienced lawyer to facilitate smooth navigation through the adoption process.

Northern Kentucky Stepparent Adoption Lawyer

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