High-Asset Divorce

Divorcing or separating from your spouse is difficult, especially when you’re working through emotionally complex issues and high-asset division. With a greater amount of assets or complexity comes a greater risk to you and your future. That’s why working with an attorney who is experienced with high net worth or complicated divorces is essential to preserving what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Schaffner Family Law provides the legal help you need to work through a complex or high-asset divorce in the Kentucky and Ohio areas. We are lawyers who focus on creative solutions and fair results without unnecessary conflict and litigation. Our attorneys are also skilled and experienced trial lawyers, should you need one by your side.

Whether you’re…

  • Negotiating custody,
  • Working through a complex or highly emotional divorce,
  • Determining alimony or child care,
  • Facing high-asset divorce or high net worth divorce, or
  • Simply looking for your next steps

We’re here for you. Our qualified divorce attorneys will help you navigate the complexities of your divorce process and protect your rights to your family. Even if your divorce involves a high level of emotion or a greater amount of animosity, our attorneys are trained to manage your conflict with strategies that make sense for your family. We firmly believe that the legal process can be humane and sane, and our lawyers always treat you and your family with respect, dignity, and empathy. 

Schaffner Family Law is well-positioned to handle even the most challenging divorces, including high-asset divorce cases and emotionally complex conflicts. To begin working with an attorney from Schaffner Family Law today and learn what options are available for you, contact us at (859) 491-1011. We look forward to speaking with you.