High-Asset Divorce

If you have substantial assets and are going through a divorce, you want an attorney on your side who will take action to protect what you have accumulated. These cases can quickly turn into battles. Too many people simply give in and give up money they have earned or inherited, just to get it all over with. Tasha K. Schaffner has gone to trial and successfully defended people accused of murder. She certainly is not going to give in to a greedy spouse who is asking for more than he or she has any right to. She will protect what is rightfully yours.

Crafting A Property Division Strategy

Perhaps you have substantial assets, but your spouse has not been honest about his or her dealings and has amassed large amounts of debt. Perhaps you have a trust fund or some other form of inheritance that should be kept out of the hands of your spouse. Perhaps you own or have an interest in a business, and you fear that the future of that business would be jeopardized during a divorce. Whatever the case may be, Crestview Hills high-asset divorce lawyer Tasha K. Schaffner can help. She brings more than 10 years of experience to these cases.

Divorce For Business Owners

Business owners in particular tend to fear divorce. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, much can go wrong. Tasha K. Schaffner knows how to protect your business. She is willing to craft a divorce strategy designed to keep your business intact. You will not have to worry about your business being shattered, or half of your future income being handed over to your spouse. She will go to trial if that is what is necessary to protect your business.

Northern Kentucky Complex Divorce Lawyer

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