Collaborative Divorce

Divorce can be difficult, argumentative, and confrontational - but it doesn’t have to be. With collaborative divorce, you work together with your spouse to find productive solutions for everyone’s benefit, saving time and stress. The goal is to keep your divorce out of court and avoid expensive litigation which can take an emotional toll on the parties.

As a full-service family law and divorce firm, Schaffner Family Law is proud to participate in the collaborative divorce process in both Kentucky and Ohio. Our lawyers help clients address complex divorce issues such as child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and alimony, marital property issues, and more. We firmly believe divorce can be resolved without the need for the cost and emotional expense of litigation.

Collaborative Divorce Benefits

Collaborative divorce is a solution-oriented alternate dispute resolution option for divorcing couples. When you choose collaborative divorce, you’ll work closely with an attorney as well as neutral third parties such as therapists or financial professionals. 

Here are some of the benefits you may recognize with Schaffner Family Law’s approach to collaborative divorce:

  • Quicker approaches to find divorce solutions
  • Less costs associated with attorneys’ fees, court fees, and other fees
  • Customized solutions that work for your family
  • Productive conversions that are resolution-driven
  • Completely confidential negotiations and proceedings - no need to appear in court

Above all, you can save yourself emotional distress and animosity toward your spouse when you pursue collaborative divorce. 

How Collaborative Divorce Works

During your collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse will agree to be transparent and to work in good faith to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Each party will have their own attorney to make sound legal recommendations and allow them to make informed decisions. Together, you will create your own divorce agreement rather than leaving your future up to a judge.

Some of the issues you might address during the collaborative divorce process include:

  • Child custody and support. If you have minor children and need to make a parenting plan, collaborative divorce is highly beneficial because it keeps the negotiations private and productive. Collaborative divorce can be less stressful for your children.
  • Spousal alimony/maintenance. Coming up with an amount for alimony is easier when both spouses can weigh in on the situation and consult with attorneys and financial advisors.
  • Asset and property division. You and your spouse can work out how to distribute your belongings and assets, rather than relying on a judge who doesn’t know much about your situation.

Other issues you address might include the allocation of investments, business assets and liabilities, retirement accounts, and more.

Contact a Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Kentucky and Ohio

Schaffner Family Law supports and counsels those pursuing collaborative divorce in Kentucky and Ohio. We are also happy to provide more information about collaborative divorce and other means of alternate dispute resolution. To arrange a confidential consultation with a full-service family lawyer serving Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, please call (859) 491-1011 or use the online form below.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?