Divorce for Business Owners

Dividing property and addressing other financial matters are frequently contentious matters in the dissolution of a marriage. If you own a company, or have a significant stake in a business venture or professional association, you need to work with an experienced family law attorney who has the financial acuity to protect your business. At Schaffner Family Law in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, we have experience protecting the interests of business owners and their spouses in divorce.

Aggressive Advocacy And Thorough Investigation Of Your Interests

We have a solid track record of success protecting our clients’ financial interests in resolving complex high-asset property disputes. When business interests become intertwined in the dissolution, the knowledge, experience and drive of your lawyer are critical in protecting your business concerns, as well as your rights in the divorce.

Our attorneys are devoted to providing comprehensive, aggressive advocacy to protect the vital business interests of our clients. We work with forensic accountants, appraisers and other financial professionals, when necessary, to build a global strategy to protect your business. We thoroughly analyze all relevant details, including:

  • Tracing assets to ascertain whether property is marital or nonmarital
  • Determining the appropriate business valuation date
  • Identifying the business valuation method best suited to your unique circumstances
  • Determining the best strategy to divide assets and debts when a family business is an issue in divorce to protect the company

We diligently review the tax returns and finances of the business to ascertain the appropriate income of our clients. In many divorces involving business concerns, the issues of spousal maintenance (formerly call alimony) and child support can be contentious due to business accounting terms. Business profits, cash flow and personal income for a business owner require detailed analysis to calculate actual numbers. We review every detail to zealously protect our clients’ interests.

Turn To Trusted Lawyers Devoted To Protecting Clients’ Rights

We are devoted to helping clients protect their businesses, their relationships with their children and move forward with confidence. To arrange a confidential consultation with a trusted lawyer in Crestview Hills to discuss your unique concerns, call 859-491-1011 or send an email.