Military Divorce

Military families frequently make sacrifices in connection with service to the country. Military personnel and their spouses face many of the same kinds of issues in family law matters as civilians. However, federal law and the nature of life in the military influence many aspects of a military divorce.

Addressing military medical, disability and retirement benefits, including pension division, is complicated. When children are involved, your lawyer must have the knowledge and experience to analyze complex jurisdictional matters that impact them. Child custody, visitation and parenting time arrangements often take on different dimensions in military divorces to accommodate transfers, deployments and military duty.

Vast Knowledge Of Both Kentucky Family Law And Military Divorce Concerns

At Schaffner Family Law we have substantial experience guiding clients through the complex legal issues that are unique in military family law. Military divorces are handled in state courts, and state family law principles apply. Our knowledge of the nuances of military-related issues and our devotion to standing up for the rights of clients in family law matters are invaluable for clients who are associated with the armed forces.

If you or your spouse is in the military, getting a divorce must follow military-specific procedural and jurisdictional requirements. Determining the proper court in which to file is a critical step in ensuring that the process will run smoothly. Our lawyers will ensure that the obligations under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) are properly addressed to protect the rights of our clients.

Similarly, it is vital that your attorney understand interstate rules of jurisdiction when child custody matters are in dispute in a military divorce. The firm’s founding attorney Tasha K. Schaffner successfully argued a child custody matter to protect the rights of our client and helped to shape the law in Kentucky.

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Attorney Tasha K. Schaffner has 15 years of experience guiding clients through all aspects of divorce, including property division, child custody and support. If you are facing a divorce or paternity matter, we invite you to call 859-491-1011 or send an email to arrange a confidential consultation with a knowledgeable military family law attorney in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.