Good Things, episode 3: Taking care of man’s best friend.

Now, as we start to return to activities that take us outside our homes, what should we do to better care for our pets?

We have all spent weeks at home. For some of us, that meant spending time with family, children and pets. I have two dogs, and one of them, in particular, has been noticeably happier to have his humans around, non-stop. He was made for companionship, and he takes his duties seriously. He has relished the extra time with his family, and we have enjoyed the extra time with him.

Now that we are heading back to work, what should we be doing to assist man’s best friend with the transition?

Most of us have heard the stories about some animals testing positive for COVID – most famously the tiger at the Bronx Zoo. But, how much of these news stories are real, and what should we fear? How does this affect us?

I sat down with Dr. Tony Hall, DVM and owner of Paws and Claws Animal Hospital in Alexandria, KY. Dr. Tony founded and ran an emergency animal hospital in the Greater Cincinnati Area for many years, and has been the primary veterinarian at Paws and Claws for over 2 decades. Dr. Tony graciously answered these questions, and more.

Dr. Tony is extremely approachable – he’s really a Kentucky boy, turned veterinarian. I am grateful to him for sharing his time and his expertise. I am sure you will agree, he has a true heart for animals.

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