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The Choice Of Divorce Attorney Could Make All The Difference

Kentucky residents who are planning to end their marriages have many decisions ahead of them. One of them is to choose an attorney who will represent their interests and help them achieve the best divorce settlement possible. Even in an amicable divorce, the need for legal counsel does not go away.

Kentucky residents needing counsel as they begin their divorce proceedings may need to remember that they are interviewing the attorney. Yes, they are looking for someone who understands family law and can tell them what to expect and protect their rights. However, many people tend to act as though they are being interviewed instead of the other way around.

When embarking on this process, an individual may need to focus on finding someone who can act more as a partner in the process than the leader. The individual’s life is the one affected by all of the decisions, so he or she should be an integral part in making them. No one should simply let the attorney take the reins and make decisions on his or her behalf. This is especially the case if a couple intends to retain control over their settlement by negotiating it themselves through mediation or collaborative divorce.

An attorney should ensure that the client understands the legal ramifications of decisions and knows what rights he or she has under certain circumstances. The final decision belongs to the Kentucky resident whose future is on the line. Choosing the attorney who will back you up, keep you from making a potential mistake and help ensure that your divorce process goes as smoothly as possible could make all the difference in the outcome.

Source:, “How to choose the right divorce attorney“, Dawn Doebler, Sept. 6, 2017

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