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Therapists Offer Advice, Humor On Shedding Guilt Over Divorce

On behalf of Tasha K. Schaffner of Schaffner Family Law posted in divorce on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

In a world that has evolved in many ways, there are still some quick to pass judgment on those whose relationships end in a dissolution. Unfortunately, many marriages will end in divorce regardless of how much effort the partners may invest. Kentucky residents who are contemplating this step have enough to handle without dealing with negative input from others.

When news of a divorce gets out, there may be some who will feel compelled to offer advice or express their opinions on how or why a marriage did not survive. While many may express support and offer encouragement, there are others who will seek to place blame and attempt to make the parties involved feel guilt. However, those who have gone through the process are likely relieved to have escaped from an untenable situation.

Two authors wrote a book to address the problem created by those who offer opinions to those who have chosen to seek a divorce. The book was written as a way to diffuse the negative emotions that are often experienced by those who have gone through a dissolution. It refers to differing certain schools of thought as a type of cow in order to point out the ridiculousness of seeking to blame those who do not remain in an unhealthy relationship.

Fortunately, there are professional counselors who can offer the support and tools that may prove to be useful for those who are going through the divorce process. The end of a relationship is difficult enough without enduring the critical judgments that some may offer. Kentucky residents who are unsure of how to proceed with a dissolution may seek the guidance of an experienced family law attorney in order to obtain the best settlement possible to support their fresh start in life.

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