The Divorce Process is Not One That Comes Naturally

The first step is to be sure that a divorce is the best way to resolve the problems that are making the marriage untenable. If a divorce is the definite solution, then one must decide the best manner to pursue to obtain the divorce decree. There are three main options for a divorce: mediation, collaboration or litigation. It depends upon one’s particular circumstances as to which option is the best fit. Once that has been decided, spouses will need to seek out legal representation.

Once one has retained the attorney of one’s choice, the next steps include accepting that a divorce is a lengthy process that may take longer due to specific circumstances in each unique family. During this time, it is helpful to go through one’s finances and prepare a list of all marital and separate assets as well as expenses. Though it is a common belief that the party who files for a divorce will be the one to pay for it, courts tend to look at the couple’s finances and the particulars when ruling which party will pay more.

Once a separation agreement has been worked out, the next step is to file the divorce petition. After the official filing, the process could still take months to complete, depending on such things as whether there are children involved or considerable assets. Kentucky residents may be best served by seeking the guidance and support of an experienced attorney who can provide the skill necessary to reach the settlement agreement that will best meet one’s needs.