Millennials Have Changed Approach to Marriage and Divorce

The generation of adults born between 1981 and 1996 have been dubbed the Millennials. This demographic has been alternatively praised and condemned for their approach to things in life that were once regarded as unchangeable, including the divorce rate. Regardless of whether they reside in Kentucky or elsewhere, they have been credited with helping to reduce the divorce rate among those under the age of 45.

Millennials have been seen as willing to embrace technology and all of the social applications that have become a part of daily life. Because of their ease around technology, they have helped make divorce a less turbulent experience. They have become more comfortable posting about the end of the marriage on social media accounts and are willing to make use of dating apps once they feel ready to move forward.

This generation has also worked to make the divorce process less costly and time-consuming. They tend to utilize record-keeping apps and are more comfortable communicating with their lawyers through email and apps rather than more expensive in-person meetings. They are also more inclined to draft prenuptial agreements before they marry, as attorneys have noted a significant increase in the number of couples seeking these documents.

Possibly one reason for the decrease in the divorce rate for this age group is they tend to marry later than the previous generations. Furthermore, their attitude toward filing for a divorce is more accepting without the guilt feelings that previous generations reported. Even though the divorce rate may be leveling off for some demographics, couples may still encounter difficulties that they cannot overcome. In order to arrive at a settlement agreement that will best meet one’s current and future financial needs, Kentucky residents may be best served by seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney.